The Zeilinger winery in Hohenwarth, is a family business established in 1756, as the vine in our family crest testifies.

The Zeilinger Winery has always been a family business. Following my parents move to retirement in April 2011, I have managed the winery. Taking on a managing role in the family business makes me very proud, but such a role is also a great challenge with lots of responsibility.

In order to manage the winery and produce the best wine I utilise the families experience, I follow our traditions and access the know-how of our staff and family. Without such information the business would not be the same.

Besides environmentally friendly processing of our wines we appreciate the high quality of the grapes and the authenticity of our products.

Our motto: Carry on with good things

Although I have a great successful business behind me I remain open to other concepts and ideas. You can see that already in some of our products (eg. Frizzante, grapeseed oil).
(Christian Zeilinger)


At this point I would like to introduce myself and all family members who work in our business.

My name is Christian Zeilinger and I am the manager of the Zeilinger Winery. I successfully completed a diploma from the Klosterneuburg and Vienna School for Vineyards and Orchards. I haven’t always worked full time in the business; I spent ten years in the IT field. I have always kept my hand in the business helping out where I could. Since I begun working full-time at our winery I can understand my passion in our family business.

Alfred "Fritz" Zeilinger. My dad assists in deliveries. However I can always count on him for technical advice.

Gertrude Zeilinger. My mum loves nature and takes every chance to lay hands on in our vineyard.

Margit Zeilinger. Although my sister works full-time in Vienna she always helps out when somebody is needed at the winery. She presents wines at fairs and is always very active in our business.

Andreas Zeilinger. My brother also works full-time in a separate business but is also always willing to help out if somebody is needed.